Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Injustice Pennsylvania Style (serves 12 million)

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made it illegal to remove an unconstitutional law they enacted (without authority).

The Pennsylvania Legislature has the exclusive constitutional authority to SUSPEND a law.

Lawyers are permitted and encouraged to say or do anything which will prevent the situation from being rectified. All fraud in the furtherance of their effort is excused and held confidential… UNLESS, they kill someone.

Improperly enacted and unconstitutional
- ONE LAW - "undeniably unconstitutional"
undermined the judiciary and usurped their authority
mandating confidentiality and excusing fraud to prevent exposure.
Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

The recipe that hooked the American Judiciary - judges can't get enough.
They can't control themselves and can't say why.

Prepare allowing to quietly simmer for 30 years.

DO NOT BRING TO FULL BOIL or you won't be able to keep the crowds away.

Add additional fraud, as required, to maintain consistent base and extend the recipe.

Caution when serving to young children - they don't say how you make it, but won't keep the secret - Luzerne County Kids for Cash.

Over-sharing can result in widespread foreclosures, homelessness and incarceration without possibility of release.

If you are feeling suicidal thoughts and tendencies, loss of relationships, financial hardship, your paranoia is real and not imagined. [CONFIDENTIAL]

Will NEVER cause death (without full disclosure). It won't kill you and we won't say why!

It would be illegal if they tried!


It required two 'secret court orders from unidentified courts' to keep PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane from saying anything more.

The 'unidentified court' could not order the Attorney General as that would violate the law which established the Office of the Attorney General and the PA Constitution. (Overreach into The Legislative and Executive Branches)

The 'unidentified court' ordered the person, Kathleen Kane, to silently comply and participate in the denial of constitutional rights AND denial of the rule of law while facing the FULL LIABILITY WITHOUT IMMUNITY. A litigant had PROVEN the Judiciary undermined and usurped by the ABA had violated his rights concealed by Rule 1.6 confidentiality.

The litigant, Terance Healy, had survived A Terroristic Divorce of incomprehensible injustice and corruption before 20 judges in Montgomery County, PA. Unexplained and ignored pursuant to Rule 1.6 confidentiality. Rule 1.6 Injustice. UNCONSTITUTIONAL INJUSTICE IGNORED.

Rule 1.6 unconstitutional - improperly enacted into law - when proven to be 'no law' was written into those 'secret orders from unidentified courts' to continue the denial of his rights, with liability and blame placed specifically upon the person Kathleen Kane, NOT the Attorney General.

Where the personal liability had already been created by fraud committed in her name to conceal the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 in federal court and served to EVERY state attorney general. They had DEFAULTED.

Kathleen Kane, the person, faces full liability without immunity for the denial of the constitutional rights and INJUSTICE towards EVERY AMERICAN because fraud in her name concealed by confidentiality was committed to conceal the unconstitutionality of "Rule 1.6 Confidentiality".

Rule 1.6 INJUSTICE and CORRUPTION. ... has been enacted in EVERY state. AMERICAN INJUSTICE.
Only the American Bar Association has the resources and motivation and the 'judiciary' and membership to overthrow government. Edward Snowden saw so much more than Americans have been told.


Available in EVERY state each with it's own flavor but called the same name - RULE 1.6 Confidentiality of Information - SO UNCONSTITUTIONAL IT MIGHT COME CLOSE TO KILLING YOU! (but it won't because that would require disclosure.)

Since 1998, the 'Federal'-style has been 'the secret indulgence you gotta taste to believe" of government investigators and lawyers in every department and agency.

Copyright 1984-2009 & 2015 by The American Bar Association. Strictly and Aggressively enforced.
Violation will be alleged to DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, DEA, The Secret Service and local and state law enforcement (intermittently, concurrently and chaotically).

Made available through the state supreme courts. See where your state joined the INJUSTICE!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Pennsylvania Senators advised Rule 1.6 Injustice happens

This morning, the Pennsylvania Senators were advised of the continued injustice, loss of constitutional rights with no protection of the law which is ignored and concealed by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality without possibility of relief.

I am not trying to gain defendants for a federal lawsuit against all of those people who conspired to deny my constitutional rights? even when not excused by an unconstitutional law?

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made it illegal to remove an unconstitutional law they enacted (without authority).

The Pennsylvania Legislature has the exclusive constitutional authority to SUSPEND a law.

Lawyers are permitted and encouraged to say or do anything which will prevent the situation from being rectified. All fraud in the furtherance of their effort is excused and held confidential... UNLESS, they kill someone.

Welcome Senators to Rule 1.6

This is bigger than one man's rights. This is a national issue - an egregious rape of the public trust. A judiciary held hostage. Judges sacrificing integrity to conceal injustice.

All accomplished by ONE LAW improperly enacted preventing the constitutionally protected rights of a litigant.

The requirement for non-disclosure and confidentiality, with permission to commit fraud in the furtherance and fraud to prevent it from being rectified - also held confidential demonstrates the power of the law to avoid public attention.

Whistleblowers call it RETALIATION. Litigants see CORRUPTION.
Defendants experience INJUSTICE. Lawyers call it 'attorney-client privilege'.

Robert Kutak called them the 'fraud provisions' and "necessary". They were removed from the ABA's Rules Of Professional Conduct after Kutak's sudden heart attack.

RULE 1.6 Confidentiality of Information - the actions under the rule boil down to "fraud in the furtherance of fraud, concealed" whether indicated, or held confidential when not.


Fraud to prevent any resolution has the Pennsylvania Attorney General ORDERED by two secret orders from unidentified court to conduct no investigation and ignore the duties and responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General.


The improper secret orders cause Kathleen Kane to be subject to personal liability for damages and relief. There is no defense or immunity where a person is denying constitutionally protected rights.

Any law which would require that is unconstitutional. No law. Court Orders are not permitted to deny constitutionally protected rights. Tangible secret or imaginary, that's unconstitutional.

Kathleen Kane's liability is personal. The mandatory participation in the denial of rights, the conspiracy to deny rights, failure to perform the duties of the Attorney General and a long list of other offenses.

The law does not allow a secret order to affect the 'OFFICE' of the Attorney General.

These orders are personal. Creating a personal liability. The lawyers have clearly indicated they are representing Kathleen Kane, the person, and NOT the Attorney General.

I understand 'personal' and recognize that an order issued to Kathleen Kane requiring 'confidentiality of information' acknowledges the unconstitutional Rule 1.6 removing it broadly. Immediately ordering the same 'confidentiality of information' upon Kane - excluding the litigant and requiring non-disclosure leaves Kane without standing to challenge constitutionality of the improper secret order.

Is something still unconstitutional when you can't see it? Of course, it is.

Where Rule 1.6 had been concealed within the Rules of Professional Conduct while it undermined the courts, sacrificed the judge's integrity and every decision was cruel farce. The unconstitutional law was found, documented and raised to the attention of the court where it continued to corrupt, pervert and deny justice and constitutionally protected rights.

Now, 'UNCONSTITUTIONAL Rule 1.6' has been renamed 'secret orders from unidentified courts', and part of those orders is the requirement to conceal the orders. It took 30 years to find it last time it was hidden.

Is something still unconstitutional when it is concealed? Of course, it is.
The US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and any law which deprives a person of protections of the US Constitution is no law. The same applies to Orders and to 'secret orders'.

It was the collateral effect of the confidentiality which caused the loss of rights and deprivation of the rule of law... which provided my standing to challenge it. Standing is personal.

Without damages and a cause for relief, Kathleen Kane would have lacked standing to challenge Rule 1.6 and was additionally prevented by Rule 1.6 from disclosure. I had the damages and cause for relief and no mandate of non-disclosure which allowed standing to challenge it.

The renamed "secret orders from unidentified courts' placed the same mandates upon Kathleen Kane as Rule 1.6 with one addition - an order of confidentiality and non-disclosure.

The 'secret orders' require Kathleen Kane to participate in actions known to have caused the loss of MY rights and the deprivation of the rule of law FOR ME. Kathleen Kane may not have personal damages sufficient for standing to challenge the secret order WHILE MANDATED to actions which deprive me of my rights.

I am prevented from challenging the unconstitutional effect of a 'secret orders from unidentified courts' where the order is concealed, hidden and prevented from discovery by design.

It took 30 years, and 8 years of injustice, ignored rights, denied and prevented any custody or visitation without explanation, complete disregard and failure to follow the law, with courts conditional enforcement of orders against me to the fullest extent while dismissing every attempt which would benefit me, conducting what could only be described as a judicial farce which involved the entire Montgomery County Judicial Bench and utilized every available county resource to annihilate my life until based on the idea that people obey bad laws, I found the ONE LAW which when applied trumped every other procedure and law including the US Constitution... concealed within the Rules of Professional Conduct which applied to lawyers and legal professionals, a law which I did not have to follow had collaterally annihilated my life.

Homeless, destitute, a lifetime of possessions stolen or thrown away with no recourse but to return to the corrupted with expectations of justice which completely contradicted the experience. Injustice prevailed.

Without protection of the law and while constitutional rights are ignored, there can be no expectation of relief. I survived. I found their bad law. I proved it. They dismissed facts and denied my efforts. Their loss of integrity was epidemic, the injustice was not systemic. The corruption and injustice all centered on ONE LAW - which caused the injustice while preventing any escape.

The discovery should have been welcomed by a judiciary held hostage without independence and madated to ignore the law and the facts while spreading injustice. Where required to participate in efforts to conceal the sedition and those responsible for undermining the judiciary in every state and federally.

I am only trying to survive a divorce. I had no expectation or reason to think that I would discover that the entire government of the United States had been effectively overthrown by the American Bar Association through misuse of authority and abuses of power demanded of judges held hostage by court staff permitted to commit fraud in the furtherance of fraud and fraud to prevent a situation from being rectified. EVER.

There was no reason to believe I deserved the mistreatment and disrespect, and no reason for the failures of everyone from whom I sought help... until I found ONE LAW which explained it all.

Recognizing the unique situation where I had standing to address this abomination - improperly enacted without authority by the state supreme courts, I persist and persevere.

Placing the same CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION within corrupt 'secret orders from unidentified courts' prevented from my discovery and hidden from my view while growing an expanding liability for the person who was ordered by the unidentified.
Did the best legal minds in the country... 400,000+ membership... Did you expect another 30 years for just hiding Rule 1.6 and renaming it 'secret orders from unidentified courts"?

Their tremendous disrespect aside.... AMERICA HAS NOTICED THE INJUSTICE.
The 'worst kept secret in Pennsylvania' is not going anywhere.

The Brilliance of Governor Wolf is to be appreciated. I'm alive. I saw the issue instantly.

Fraud in the furtherance, the law excuses and conceals it, and mandates non-disclosure.

The victims of judicial misconduct, corruption and injustice survive to be further attacked.
No escape, the available outcome 1) Homeless/Destitute 2) Incarcerated or 3) Suicide.

Disclosure is permitted where the target will be killed.

No wonder the District Attorneys responded with aggression and paranoia on Friday.

The folks on Death Row who have not been executed ... ALIVE.

Because disclosure is permitted if they are to be killed, the victim of injustice lives.
How can the DA explain when prevented by Rule 1.6 from explaining?
Good luck with that. Maybe you can get ideas from the Bruce Castor manifesto.

Kane's involvement in the conspiracy to deny rights goes back to the Constitutional Challenge in Federal Court where actions (purported to be on her behalf) AFTER DEFAULT BY EVERY STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, resulted in unsubstantiated dismissal of the matter.

It was 1.6'd.

The participants undermining the matter were committing fraud in the furtherance of fraud to conceal the unconstitutional LAW and it's injustice. While demonstrating their ability to interfere with the administration of the courts, obstruct justice, and deny access to the courts,...

Rule 1.6 would require non-disclosure of the fraud committed in the name of the Attorney General... it would also prevent prosecution of the crime.

The only way for the Constitutional Challenge to be successful was for a DEFAULT by the attorneys general, and a ruling by the judge.

The DEFAULT was appropriate where any action by the attorneys general would violate Rule 1.6 - disclosure is not permitted. Also, it would not be a decision made by the judge obligated by Rule 1.6 confidentiality. A declaration of UNCONSTITUTIONAL would abide by the law until it wasn't a law.


The staff violations were unexplained YET revealed a JUDICIARY HELD HOSTAGE by lawyers permitted to conceal their fraud even when by the very LAW being challenged. The staff were members of the organization responsible for providing the law to the supreme courts to enact.

There was no review by a legislature or signature of a governor, and there could be no review by a judiciary embarrassed by their action which violated the public trust and the US Constitution.


A situation which the judiciary could not reveal pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of
the Rules Of Professional Conduct, a minimal ethical standard for the legal profession which lacked ethics, morals and legality where it permitted fraud to conceal prior fraud and to avoid rectifying the situation and mandated confidentiality.

Concealed by Rule 1.6 while attributing responsibility to Kathleen Kane creates a personal liability and provides standing where it has affected the rights of every American, in every state.

The secret orders cause liability to grow to such enormous proportions, that to protect their families assets, a person might consider filing for divorce.

Kathleen Kane stood up for everyone's right to marry. Personally, and as Attorney General, Kathleen Kane would not support an unconstitutional law.

NOW, events involving ANOTHER UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW is causing her to be deprived of the very thing which she championed for others. Her marriage.

... She cannot say because that would violate secret court orders. SECRET COURT ORDERS? When did this become acceptable? legal? ethical? moral? It's not acceptable, it's ignored.

This is AMERICA where the judiciary has been undermined, their authority usurped, and the US Constitution ignored. American Injustice.


Real, imaginary, signed? No one knows.

If those secret orders are signed, the judge may have done so under duress, a coercion concealed by Rule 1.6 as fraud in the furtherance.

Where unsigned, they exist as another concealed fraud in the furtherance to prevent any examination of the Rule 1.6 corruption.

Where there is no logical reason for the judiciary to want to remain corrupted, undermined and without the necessary independence to decide a matter. The sacrifice of their integrity has been great and the country has witnessed the INJUSTICE.

Evidence of Control of the Judiciary ... or ... a Cry for Help from a Judiciary Held Hostage.


The media is not a hostage, but it is being controlled. The media's failure to present the Rule 1.6 issue has been clear. They were told by their lawyers not to present the story.


Everything points to the beneficiaries of INJUSTICE, the American Bar Association, the author, with affiliated organizations and members at every court within every jurisdiction. Their membership having the ability to undermine the administration of justice before or after a judge's decision, and to prevent and deny judicial involvement altogether while all lawyers and legal professionals are mandated to participate in the non-disclosure and confidentiality under Rule 1.6... or the LOCAL RULES... or the McDade-Murtha Amendment.

Every legal professional, lawyer, government lawyer and inspector mandated by ONE LAW to conceal the sedition - the usurpation of the authority of the judicial branch in every state and federally - while it denied the rule of law and ignored rights secured by the US Constitution and delivered INJUSTICE.

I imagine it startled some people when
On August 8, 2013, pro se litigants with standing and a cause for relief which could be addressed by the state attorneys general walked into District Court in Philadelphia to challenge an unconstitutional law which by mandating non-disclosure and confidentiality by legal professionals caused a collateral denial of their rights secured by the US Constitution and without representation by legal counsel obligated by confidentialitysought to restore the integrity of the judiciary, and the reputation of lawyers and
to return to their litigation in the state courts with their rights available and no longer denied, ignored, prevented and concealed.

They lawyers had written it so that the lawyers could never fix it.

Governor Tom Corbett was prevented from assembling the Legislature to address this matter as he was obligated as a lawyer to non-disclosure.

Governor Wolf is not similarly prevented.

To the Pennsylvania Senate:
I wanted you to do your job, follow your oath, take action.

Did the lawyers scare you off?
This law does permit fraud in the furtherance... and actually permits, endorses and conceals everything and anything except KILLING A PERSON.

PLEASE RECOGNIZE THE ENORMITY OF THIS ISSUE... and be aware of the liability of the informed where their obligations are neglected and causing unconstitutional injustice nationwide.


(The lawyers in the legislature will not participate by law.)

JUSTICE is waiting on your prompt attention to this matter.